Our primary interdisciplinary tasks are designed around common themes and topics found in junior curriculum. They do align well with Australian curriculum topics and themes and should be considered 'cross curricular' because they do present the student with the opportunity to evidence learning from a range of discipline and non- discipline based areas. Authenticity is a key feature of all the tasks. The tasks also assume that appropriate immersion work has taken place along with some preliminary research (micro inquiries). For more information about the inquiry process click here.


Inquiry: The Past in The Present

Curriculum Focus: History Year 2  - How has the local community changed?

HistoryYear2.pdf HistoryYear2.pdf
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Type : pdf

Inquiry: Does Biodiversity Matter?

Curriculum Focus: Science (Aust Curriculum levels 5- 6), Communication (AusVELS 5 - 6), Thinking Processes (AusVELS 5-6)

Biodiversity Upper Primary.pdf Biodiversity Upper Primary.pdf
Size : 269.9 Kb
Type : pdf

Inquiry: Immigration: A Good Move for Everyone?Curriculum Focus: History (Aust Curriculum levels 5- 6), English (Aust Curriculum 5 - 6), Thinking Processes (AusVELS 5-6)

immigration- Good Move for Everyone.pdf immigration- Good Move for Everyone.pdf
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Type : pdf

Inquiry: Healthy Now? Healthy Life?

Curriculum Focus: Science (Aust Curriculum levels 5- 6), Health and PE (AusVELS 5 - 6), Communication (AusVELS 5-6)

Healthy Living Rich Task.pdf Healthy Living Rich Task.pdf
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Inquiry: People and Us? Then and Now?

Curriculum Focus: Humanities (Aust Curriculum levels F-2), Communication (AusVELS levels P - 2)

Then and now, people and us.pdf Then and now, people and us.pdf
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Inquiry: How might we contribute to a community to make it better?

Curriculum Focus: Humanities (Aust Curriculum levels 3 - 4), English (Aust Curriculum 3 - 4)

Making a Community Better.pdf Making a Community Better.pdf
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